Welcome to Goose Lake HighGraduation 2021. The stream will start at 1:40 PM with a 10 minute preshow. The pre-show will be repeated again at 1:50pm. The commencement or live portion of the stream will then begin at 2:00 PM. Note there is a small delay with streaming and so times are approximate. To enhance your experience all prerecorded content is available below. At the time of posting the embed code is not working properly and displays a previous project. If you are having trouble viewing check out the direct link.

Goose Lake High 2021 - Intro and Graduates

Scheduled Events

Grandview Grad - Grandview - June 19 - 3:00PM

Major Pratt Grad - Russell - June 22 - 3:00PM

Goose Lake High Grad - Roblin - June 26 - 2:00PM

Roblin EMC - Sunday Services - 11:00AM

Past Events

Roblin Graduation 2021

Russell Graduation 2021

Grandview Graduation 2021

EMC - June 7, 2020

EMC - May 31, 2020

EMC - May 24, 2020