Alfedio productions chooses to use professional level video cameras over slr or mirrorless cameras. Filming is done in full 1920 X 1080 HD. The camcorders allow for easier audio connection and quicker setup of shots to catch important moments. Currently the main cameras used are Canon XF205 and Canon XF305.


Alfedio productions is committed to getting you the best sound possible. We always look for an audio feed from the in house PA/sound mixer or DJ in addition to several of our own mics. We have a collection of cables and adapters allowing us to connect to any sound source. To help with mobility we have four wireless transmitter/recievers and portable audio recorders.


There are so many accesories it is hard to name them all. Common ones we use include shoe bars/mounts, clamps, adaptors and windscreens. All these help with more compact and quicker setups. Some such as windscreens also improve the quality of the production.

We almost forgot batteries! These are the most important of all. All gear runs on batteries helping with mobility and ease of setup. On most shoots we have 50-60 AA rechargeble batteries to change out every couple of hours.


Alfedio Productions has experience with multicam and single camera streaming. Our multicam option is a device called "Sling studio". It is a unique piece of gear allowing wireless video options and switching of up to four devices. Professional and consumer gear can be used including an android or iphone device. This means even you as a client could become a camera person by downloading the app on your phone.

For single camera streaming and as a backup we have a magewell hdmi capture card for connecting to a computer.

Using a service called restream your stream can also be sent to more than one location at the same time. This means you can have your event on Facebook, Youtube and your own website all at the same time.